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Throughout my career, I’ve assisted clients in defining their most complex obstacles and building long-lasting strategies with respect to data systems. Take a look at my resume to learn more about my professional and educational experience, and get in touch today.

Resume: Resume

2021 - PRESENT

Management and Engineering Consultant, Reliable Data Systems, Chennai, India

Helping clients overcome their biggest challenges in digital & AI transformation through scalable, energy-efficient, and reliable data systems

2019 - 2020

Lead AI Strategist for Autonomous Mobility and Safety, Continental AG, Frankfurt, Germany

• Served as the overall lead of an AI strategy project, including initiation, planning, and execution for Continental AG’s Autonomous Mobility business (€9.4B revenue, 48k employees, 2019)

• Proposed strategic recommendations on AI/Data for the Autonomous Mobility and Safety business for long-term business value creation by working closely with a core team of technical experts and an extended team of 50+ cross-functional stakeholders (Engineering, IT, HR, etc.)

• Delivered technical insights on building a scalable data-driven ecosystem and proposed mitigation strategies for high product development costs, including machine learning approaches for automating costly and human-intensive parts of the product development workflow

2018 - 2019

Strategy Assistant to an Executive Board Member, Autonomous Mobility and Safety, Continental AG, Frankfurt Germany

• Served as assistant to an executive board member and supported the management board with strategy and consulting with focus on artificial intelligence and large-scale data systems

2008 - 2017

Research Scientist, Cloud and Computing Infrastructure, IBM Research, Zurich

Helped sales team in negotiating a large deal for an exascale storage solution by delivering insights based on system performance modeling

Pioneered the concept of Cognitive Storage, designed novel graph-based semi-supervised learning algorithms, led prototype design and implementation, actively publicized the concept to partners and clients 1 through talks at relevant events (e.g., meetings with external storage analysts) and videos (e.g.,, and developed business value proposition

• Contributed to several advanced research projects in areas related to neuromorphic computing, machine learning, knowledge graphs, signal processing, and systems modeling, analysis, simulation, and optimization; resulted in 2 best paper awards, 16 granted patents, 25+ peer-reviewed publications, and press coverage for Cognitive Storage

• Set up collaborations with universities and developed prototypes through active engagement with interns, students, and professors; initiated several internship projects that attracted great talent and provided mentoring, which is aligned with each student’s research interests, to produce exciting results that are meaningful to both the company and the students

• Wrote VHDL I/O flow control code for a streaming hardware encryption unit used in IBM products; developed noise decomposition methods for storage media performance comparison

Served as the lead of a team of senior researchers (including IEEE Fellows) in a multinational multimillion-Euro research project, which resulted in breakthroughs in storage systems modeling and optimization; leveraged research activities in the project to develop a prototype access prediction and data prefetching system using data from the multi-petabyte long-term archive of the LOFAR radio telescope in Netherlands 

2008 - 2012

Docteur ès Sciences (D.Sc.), Computer and Communication Sciences, EPFL Switzerland

Specialized in reliability of large-scale data storage systems; Doctoral thesis on “Reliability Analysis of Data Storage Systems” (judged by the thesis examination committee to be among the top 5-10% in the year)

2006 - 2008

Diplom (M.Sc.), Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Specialized in Information Theory and Communication Systems; Masters Thesis on “Low Power Capacity of the Poisson Channel”

2002 - 2006

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras, India

Specialized in Communication Systems and Physics; Bachelors Thesis on “Cricket Video Analysis: Detection of Chucking Using Machine Learning Techniques”

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